8 Electric Bike Commute Safety Tips

8 Electric Bike Commute Safety Tips

Perhaps you've seen someone riding an e-bike and wondered if you can still consider joining the growing population taking advantage of this convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. This is your sign, and to make things even simpler, we have created a safety checklist for riding an electric bike, so you can ride confidently no matter what the road throws at you.

Protect Your Head by Donning a Helmet

If you ride an e-bike, head protection is a must. Find a perfect helmet on your head like a glove, and you can rest easy. Purchase from us, and you'll be able to obtain one.

Install Front and Rear Lighting

Light up the path ahead and behind you with lights for your electric bike. Shorter days mean one unexpectedly dark evening is guaranteed. If you buy these lamps, connect them to your electric bicycle, and maintain them, you will not be retaken by surprise.

Put up Reflectors

When appropriately utilized, reflectors can improve visibility, but they must never replace actual lighting. Those that you could embed in the wheels' spokes are particularly useful since they attract the attention of drivers who've been looking at you from the sides, such as at junctions, but who might not be able to see the indicators.

The Proper Attire

You must dress in powerfully conspicuous clothes and, preferably, luminous apparel. As darkness falls, the right dress is noticeable to motorists and other commuters. Your outermost clothing, which includes a raincoat, does not have to follow this rule; however, there is no harm in wearing reflective outer clothing.

Put a Bell to Use

In place of a bell, on-your-left is now the standard biker's cry, although, given the number of commuters using earbuds, you can't be far too confident that you are loud enough to be noticed. Buying a bell allows you to subtly ring out against the background sound so that others around you can hear you coming.

Apply the Brakes Quicker!

Since an e-bike allows for speedier riding, users must apply the brakes earlier to slow down carefully. It would become automatic in no time, but keep in mind that the presence of liquids on the roads reduces friction and lengthens the time it takes to brake.

Stay Informed of Traffic Regulations.

In the same way that we will not violate road rules while driving a car, we shouldn't break them while riding an electric bicycle. Represent bikers in a positive light and ensure everyone's safety by adhering to traffic regulations. Remember that you may not be able to ride your e-bike on specific paths; research this in advance to avoid embarrassment.

Mudguards Help You Maintain a Pristine Environment.

Mudguards prevent dirt and moisture from spilling up on your clothing and wrecking what could have been a good starting point for the morning. You won't have to worry about becoming soaked or dirty on the way to work, so you'll be able to forge past puddles confidently. Find some fenders.

As a final note, be wary of high-traffic areas. You can avoid congested highways and other major thoroughfares when you commute by electric bike. Minimizing them will make riding an electric bike more pleasant and comfortable and reduce the risk of injury. Ontime Bikers is here to ensure that you don't make the wrong choice and that you enjoy the benefits of e-bike riding.

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