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Sorry we don't offer any type of customization or modification to our e-bikes. All Ontime e-bikes are well-designed to fit all riders needs. Any modifications to our bikes will void the warranty coverage. You can find our e-bike measurements on the link below E-Bike Measurements

Our bikes ship from our US location in Brea, California. It depends on where the customer resides. It could take between 3-5 days to arrive after order is placed. Please keep in mind Holiday and Weekends may delay 1-2 days of shipping timeframe.

Yes, it depends. Customers can pre-arrange to pick up in person prior to ordering. Our warehouse is located in Brea, California. Pre-arrangement to pick up in person can be arranged via email or call our office at (888) 925-6668. Our office hours are from Monday - Friday (9AM - 5PM) PST

Product Components & Accessories

If you lost/misplaced your keys to your Ontime ebike. Simply send us an email to to place order request on new sets of keys. *Replacement Fees may apply

Yes, our Ebikes will allow for baskets to be added. In fact, our breeze model is already equipped with a front basket rack. Customers can easily shop bicycle baskets online.

Customers can send us inquiry via email to to request the parts they need.*Replacement part fees may apply

Pedal and Throttle Assist

Yes, you can -- Our ebikes equipped with a thumb throttle that can easily help riders to get up 45 miles of range Breeze and Phantom on a full charge without pedal assist.

Our ebikes can go up to 34mph.

Battery & Charging

E-bike battery capacity is measured in Watt-Hours or Wh. This is the size of the “fuel tank” on the e-bike. Like a car, some motors guzzle fuel, others sip. To calculate the capacity, multiply the voltage (V) used on the bike by the Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating. The OnTime "Breeze" battery capacity is 624wh. The Ontime "Phantom" battery capacity is 672wh.

Yes - This is very common. The sparking that you have when you connect the power connector into your E-Bike charging port. The controllers with large capacitors may have this issue, it's because you're filing the capacitors quickly and that's what cause the spark. Things You Can Do To Eliminate the Sparks - Some of our E-Bike models does have a Power on/off switch located on the Battery Pack. Switching the Battery Pack to the off position PRIOR to connecting the power connector into your E-Bike charging port could reduce the chances of seeing sparks.

It depends on how you ride. The determination is depending your riding style, level of pedal assist an/or throttle, rider weight, hills, and headwinds/tailwinds. The maximum distance of our Ontime bikes could go up to 45 miles with pedal assist and 20 miles without pedal assist.

(Click here to view the speed and range testing of Breeze or Phantom)

Like any other device that uses a lithium-ion battery, the range and performance of your e-bike can be dramatically affected by temperature changes. Have you noticed that your iPhone or Android battery life goes down while skiing or hiking on cold days, but returns to normal when you go back inside? Temperature plays a big role in the effectiveness of the battery.Since e-bikes can be ridden in very hot, and very cold temps, it's important to keep your battery in mind when riding in extreme conditions. Here are some tips to preserve the life and performance of your battery:

Charge and store your battery in a cool, dry space, away from high humidity. This may mean removing the battery from your bike for charging.

If you won't ride your bike for a while, charge the battery first, and then store it at a 75% - 80% charge level.

Store and charge your battery in a dry location. Water, humidity, and damp conditions are not good for any electrical device.

Inspect and maintain the electrical contacts between the battery and the controller (the connection where you plug the battery into the bike) on a regular basis. Make sure the prongs aren't bent. If the interface becomes contaminated with grit, mud, or snow, clean it before connecting your battery.

Don't leave your bike in the trunk of a hot car (think Phoenix in July) with the battery attached. Remove the battery and take it with you instead.

When you ride your e-bike in cold temperatures, the range will be reduced. If you park outside overnight, bring the battery back outside only when you are ready to ride to minimize the impact of temperature on range.

It's fine to ride most e-bikes in the rain. You should dry the contacts on the battery to prevent corrosion and oxidizing. Electrical contact cleaner can be used to keep that connection clean if needed. In extreme weather (for example, in a community where roads are salted in winter) you can apply battery terminal grease as a preventative.

If you can't remember the specifics, keep in mind this rule of thumb: "if it's too hot or too cold for YOU, it's also too hot or too cold for your battery." Your battery is comfortable at the same temperatures you are!With these tips in mind, your e-bike and battery will live a long, healthy life. Happy riding!

Lithium-Ion ebike batteries use a similar technology to your laptop or mobile phone. They can absorb about 500-800 charging cycles before the performance starts to degrade.One full charge cycle is from 0% battery capacity to 100% battery capacity. If your battery is at 50% battery capacity and you charge to 100%, that only counts as 1/2 a charge cycle.It is okay to charge the battery between rides, even if you only drained very little battery energy (you only rode the bike around the block).

General Questions

Phantom - is a Mountain Bike and is mainly designed to be used on rough terrain like mountain. The motor capacity on Phantom is 750kw of hub motor that carries 160NM torque. The higher the torque goes the easier for the rider to ride the bike on steep hills. Phantom also equipped with a full suspension system (Front & Rear) which allows riders to have a smoother ride on rough terrain.

Breeze - is a Road Bike. Some people called it "City Bike". Breeze is designed for the use on regular road terrain. Riders can easily navigate Breeze on city streets.

For more details on the specs please see the bike comparison chart below.

bike comparison

The main difference is speed and endurance. A road bike is meant for riding longer distances at higher speeds and is mainly used on regular road terrain, Mountain Bikes are meant to ride off-road and are less suitable for long distances. Both have different types of gear and parts designed for different purposes.

The model Ontime "Breeze" is a Road Bike

The model Ontime "Phantom" is a Mountain Bike

We understand the complications of assembling an E-bike. This is why Ontime bike designers engineered the easiest assembling process for our customers. You can easily assemble any of our Ontime bike models yourself. However, we still strongly recommend customer take our bikes to their local bike shop for installation.

Please click the link below to access our bike's manual and installation videos.

Product Manual & Installation Guide

Ebikes are just like traditional bikes, you still have to pedal, but can use the assist or throttle on hills or longer commutes to help you get further with less impact on the body.

Studies show that ebikes provide the same level of exercise as a traditional bike, as they elevate the heart rate just like a traditional bike, and require pedaling.

Ebikes include an electrical drive train system. It consists of a battery, a motor, a way to integrate the motor's power into the drivetrain, and a way to control that power. These components are the main factors that sets ebike apart from traditional bicycles and that's why is more expensive.

Ontime ebikes are made by our own manufacture factory in China. Once our products are shipped to our Brea, California distribution warehouse. Our US Team will be responsible to inspect our products prior to order fulfillment.

Unlike many other ebike companies, Ontime Bike is the manufacturer and retailer so we can bring our customers the highest quality bikes for the best value.

This depends on the model of bike you purchase from Ontime.

Ontime ebikes can range from 64-84 lbs gross weight.

To find out the weight of our ebike - visit the "technical & specs" section of our ebike product pages.

Ontime - BREEZE

Ontime - PHANTOM

We always recommend the use of a helmet. However, this depends on the specific ebike class you are riding (I, II, or III), your age, and your state.

For more information, visit this page and click on your state.

You can easily locate our product serial number on the front of the product head tube.

Once you located the serial number, you can simply register your bike on the link below.Product Registration

All Ontime ebikes have weight limits, exceeding these limits could result in safety issues for the rider and the ebikes.

Maximum payload capacity includes both the riders weight and any cargo on the ebike.

Phantom - Maximum payload capacity 275 lbs

Breeze - Maximum payload capacity 275 lbs