9 Things To Consider When Choosing An Ebike Helmet

9 Things To Consider When Choosing An Ebike Helmet

More and more people are riding ebikes, whether as part of their daily commute or for outdoor adventures. Ebikes are a brilliant way to get around without burning fuel, and with more people realizing this, the more important it is to ensure ebike safety. Wearing a helmet is critical to keeping yourself safe on the road, and here are 9 things you should consider when choosing an ebike helmet.

Weight and Fit

The best ebike helmets are lightweight and fit your head snugly. Choose one that is not too heavy and that does not move around while on your head.


Your helmet should not be pinching your head, nor should it feel too loose. Certain helmets provide extra padding for comfort, which you will want especially if your helmet is styled more aggressively. Yet other helmets are designed to accommodate glasses, so be on the lookout for those if you sport a pair.


The point of a helmet is to protect your head, so you want to make sure that your ebike helmet is hardy and durable enough to shield you in the event of a fall or collision. To find out how durable the helmet you are considering is, go through reviews of customers who have purchased the helmet before. This should give you an idea of how long the helmet – and its various parts – can last.


Another part of keeping safe while riding your ebike is ensuring that you can be seen by other vehicles on the road. The best ebike helmets have features that make it easier for drivers to catch sight of you in low-visibility situations such as fog, rain or during the night. These features include reflective tape or edging on the helmet. You can also add lights on your helmet if you usually ride at night.

Safety Features

You’ll want to ensure that your helmet has adequate safety features, such as padding around the areas of the chin and ears. This is to protect you from any impact in case of a fall or an accident.

How You Ride

If you use your bike mainly for your commute, choose something aerodynamic and light. If you’re only using your bike for recreation, look for something that can provide you with more protection from debris.


Fiber and fiberglass are among the best materials for ebike helmets. They are lightweight but durable and can protect you if you crash into solid objects while riding your bike at a high speed.


Any other additional features you need? Certain helmets come with speakers that allow you to listen to music or communicate with other cyclists through a built-in microphone. Other helmets provide vents that allow you extra airflow, which is great especially if you live in a hot and humid climate.


On that note, a well-ventilated helmet is critical. Ebike riders often sweat more than regular bikers as they bike uphill more often, which can cause hydration. Ventilation holes prevent you from getting overheated while you ride.

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