Ensuring Ebike Security With These 6 Tips

Ensuring Ebike Security With These 6 Tips

Do you use an ebike for the outdoors or use an ebike for the city? Whether your ebike is accompanying you for a weekend to the mountains or serves as your trusty commute companion, it’s always a good idea to ensure that it is safe from burglars. Ebike security is a common concern, so we’ve put together 6 tips to help you ensure ebike security. 

Use a Lock

This first tip is always the most obvious. There is a wide range of ebike locks out there, so simply purchase one and learn how to use it. The amount of ebike locks out there can be overwhelming, however, so here’s a quick breakdown of how to pick the best one:

  • When it comes to ebike locks, price does indicate quality. The best options do come with a higher price tag.
  • Sturdy materials make for more powerful locks. Lightweight aluminum won’t cut it; go for the dual-hardened steel options instead.
  • We recommend u-locks. Their structural integrity serves as a great deterrence against theft.

Secure Your Bike with Something Sturdy

Locking your bike to something solid and sturdy is your best bet at keeping it safe. Your bike is only as secure as what it is attached to, so search for something impossible – or at least significantly difficult – to move. If you’re not sure about whether the object you’re securing your bike to is sturdy enough, try wobbling it to make sure that it’s attached securely to the ground.

Keep the Lock Low

Hook the lock as close to the bottom bracket of your bike as you can, and make sure that it’s strapped in tight. If you have enough space, you can even weave the lock through more than one part of your ebike, such as the wheels and the frame. This grants your ebike greater security and the more complex look of the locking mechanism also deters potential thieves.

Lock it Somewhere Smart

How you choose your bike isn’t everything – where you lock your bike can also contribute to keeping it safe. Ebikes are usually stolen from quiet and sparse locations that are poorly lit, such as alleyways and garages. If you’re leaving your ebike in a public place, perhaps lock it in a location from which you can have an accessible view of it throughout the day.

Consider Smart Locks

Smart locks are controlled by your smartphone and let you monitor your bike’s location if it is not within your sight. You will also receive a notification if your ebike is moving without your knowledge. Certain smart locks also make loud noises, like car alarms, if your bike is being stolen.

Keep Track of Your Bike’s Serial Number

Ensure that you’ve got the serial number of your ebike ready. In the event of a theft, having your ebike’s serial number can help your local police track it down more easily. They can use this number to call second-hand stores in the vicinity to check if anyone has tried selling them an ebike with this same serial number.

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